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Monday, October 09, 2006


Last night, I ate chige-nabe with my freinds, Rika, Reika and Tae at Rika's house.
I has been fighting the hungriness until eating it so that I can eat it soooooooo much. So when I saw them, I didn't have the power because of the excessive hungriness.
During shopping and preparing for nabe, it was really hard to wait until eating.

After finishing all the preparation, we started eating. It was the first time I eat Chige-nabe. I thought I don't like it because I cannot eat spicy foods, but it was not so spicy and very delicious. We ate a lot as far as our stomach was full of it.

Despite our stomach should have reached our limitations, we also ate
sweets which Reika brought after Chige-nabe. As you know, it is called "betsubara" (you can eat only sweets even thought you eat a lot before sweets).

Our stomach were likely to burst almost.....

If you want to cook and eat Chige-nabe, go here and have fun!


Blogger unsigned_nerd said...

I will try that in Hokkaido soon. Glad to find a Japanese who speaks English!

3:04 AM  

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